Use Cases of Hosting Providers

Elastx Cloud Services from Sweden

eApps Cloud Services from the USA

Layershift Multi-Cloud Services

DataCenter Finland Cloud Services

Hidora Flex Cloud from Switzerland

P4D Cloud (SAFOZI), Africa & Middle-East

TrendHosting from Switzerland

eApps Hosting with Jelastic on Packet Infrastructure

Elastx Platform as a Service (PaaS) Massive I/O Performance

ServInt PaaS Offering, Based on Virtuozzo Containers and Jelastic, Takes Off Like a Rocket

dogado Increases Cloud Market Share with Jelastic Platform on Dell VRTX Servers

Use Cases of Public and Private Cloud Customers

Scalable Cloud for Blockchain Startups: Tokenestate.io Use Case

Tips to Handle Traffic Peaks from swiss.blackfriday & Hidora

Less Maintenance and Cost, More Automation and Scaling: Cargopooling Shift to PaaS

PaaS Beat Dedicated Servers Cutting Hosting Bill by 90%: Shiply Use Case

On-Demand Scalability and Easy Management of Java EE Projects: Hybrid Cloud for Miele

Bytebrand Use Case: Flexibility of PaaS and Minimum DevOps Forces

Hive’s Choice of Cloud Platform Proven by Time

Multi-Cloud Availability for Financial Organizations: Data Security, Local Hosting and Fast Time to Market

Bandtrace Saves 30% Thanks to Elastx’s Fixed Prices

For Hosting Providers

The Lifeblood of High Margin in Cloud Hosting Business

Cloud Business for Hosting Providers

The Step-by-Step Guide Part I Increase Conversion and Reduce Bounce Rate for Hosters

Hosting Business on Platform-as-Infrastructure

Cloud Platform for Hosting Business

The Step-by-Step Guide Part II Convert Trial Users Into Paying Customers for Service Providers

For CTOs and Developers

Cloud Startup Path to Business Success

Cost Reduction Strategies on Java Cloud Hosting

Scaling Java Vertically: VMs vs Containers

DZone Guide to Java: Development and Evolution

Cloud Hosting Platform for Developers

Jelastic Cloud Complex Organism in Simple Words

From VMs to Containers: Decompose and Migrate Your Java EE Applications

Unlimited PaaS and Container-Based IaaS

Automated Traffic Distribution for Blue-Green Update, Zero Downtime Updates and Failover Protection

Docker Integration to Provide Advanced Application Delivery

Container Live Migration: Behind the Scenes

Container Tricks for Java Developers

Jelastic as the Main Trump Card in Your DevOps Deck